Entire Ring Network has stopped functioning

Hey guys!

So we have several ring products - 3 elite wired doorbells and half a dozen wired cameras, all of them we working perfectly fine until suddenly the audio quality has gone to complete garbage. It basically sounds like a radio station that’s not quite tuned in properly.

The audio on video playback is fine, but when trying to look at it live, *only* on my PC, it’s terrible.

When checking the audio quality on iOS or Android devices the audio is fine, it’s only the hardwired Windows 10 PC that has the issue (which makes no sense, latency wise).

Sounds like the speaker cables might need to unplugged and plugged back in. I have speakers at work that do this. If everything else works, it’s either the pc, speakers or the windows app. You can always try removing the app and reinstalling it as well.

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Well, the audio on my PC is otherwise fine - its literally just the Ring App audio and its only recently happened. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling and there was no change.

But it sounds fine in your phone? Is it isn’t anything with the Ring’s connection to your internet. If it’s just the pc. It may be the app itself for the pc that’s causing it then. I haven’t seen any other recent posts about this yet.
You can always try to reach out to customer service.
Information on customer support below.



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Yeah, not only does it sound fine on the phone (live or reviewing) but it also sounds fine on the PC when reviewing recorded video…it’s strictly the live-stream audio that’s distorted beyond recognition.