Enquiries: Changing Ring Outdoor Siren from Batteries to Hardwire

Hi, how can I change my Ring outdoor siren’s power source from “Batteries” to “Hardwire”? We have installed the hardwire properly with an electrician. However, we do not know how to change the default settings of “Batteries” to “Hardwire” on the app, and our Ring outdoor siren is still running by Batteries instead of the Hardwire that we want.

What are the steps to change from “Batteries” to “Hardwire”?

Hi @hory. This Help Center article here will go over the power sources for the Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren. You will need to reset your Outdoor Siren.

  1. Remove the Ring device from the mounting bracket.
  2. Remove the battery cover.
  3. Press and hold the reset button until it stops flashing green and turns solid red.
  4. After the factory reset you will need to setup the device in the Ring app again.

Let me know if this helps!