Endless Notifications on Apple Watch app for Ring Doorbell

Apple Watch 5, Latest watch O/S (as of 4/15/2021)
Is there any way to NOT have the apple watch app display billions (ok, I’m exaggerating but it’s very annoying) of notifications with a still of the video whenenver the doorbell detects motion. Not only that, I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ELSE until the notifications (all of the exact same image) finish. Touching the screen does nothing, pushing the watch buttons do nothing. My watch is useless for about 30 seconds every time motion is detected.

How about ONE notification (with image) that I can recall by clicking the notification?

Hi @OwenM. As mentioned in our Community post about Rich Notifications , there may be times when multiple notifications are sent to ensure for the quickest delivery of an event notification. If too many notifications are happening with a smart watch in use, please note that Ring does not directly support any official smart watch integrations.

Rich Notifications is a feature that is optional to use. If you are seeming to receive multiple notifications too often, see if this changes with the feature disabled. It’s worth also seeing if notifications work as intended when a smart watch is not in use.

If you are receiving multiple notifications in a fashion that is not described above, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I am also having this issue it seems to only be an issue with the Apple Watch because it doesn’t do that on my phone I really hope y’all will get this fixed because it’s very annoying but it would be even more annoying to not get the notifications on my watch at all

FYI I have an apple watch 6 and this does the same thing. It didn’t used to work this way, I only normally received 1 notification on the watch per motion event, now I get a notification, try to dismiss it but before I can, another one pops up, then another one, after a few times of this, and trying to be quick about tapping into it, I am finally able to get to “sleep motion detect for 1hr” or “dismiss” etc.

From seeing how many others have this issue, this is clearly a legitimate issue. It makes usability and UX of the Ring system WAY worse for the end user. It would be foolish IMO to not investigate this as a legitimate bug at a reasonably high priority.

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Same issue others are describing here. It didn’t used to do this. You would get one notification displayed on your watch with the option to snooze or dismiss. Now motion detection pops up three or four times and there’s no way to dismiss it other than to put your hand over the watch or press the crown. Guys, you need to fix this.

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Exactly the same for me drives me mad! Needs fixing, rather than just blaming the watch isn’t supported

It’s now a year later and I’m still getting about 15-20 old notifications on both my phone and apple watch. All notifications are from 12-48 hours ago and come in repeatedly as you try to dismiss them. This also happens with another security camera app I use (Eufy) so I’m sure it’s a complicated issue to resolve but WOW it’s really annoying. Contact Apple and get this resolved ASAP please!

The way I trigger it is by clearing a Ring notification either on my phone or watch. Then the flood of old notifications come in and drive me crazy.

Exactly the same issue here. I also see notifications from hours/days ago… It’s pretty annoying. Seems like it should be an easy enough fix.