End to End Encryption Motion Detect Error

Over the past few days my cameras with end to end encryption enabled are not playing back video captured with motion detect feature, videos captured via live view are fine. When attempting to view the footage captured via motion detect the video loads to 99% than loads a second time to 98% then throws an error, also when trying to download the clip it gets to 99% then throws an error. I have reset them to factory and everything works ok untill i set up End to End Encryption again from fresh i have the same issue live view works but video captured via motion throws errors.

I have also reset my wifi router checked that the cameres have a good connection and rebooted the cameras from in app the lot im pretty sure this is an issuse of rings doing rather than one of my own.

Is there any way of getting this issue escalated or can i get some form of confirmation from ring that there aware of this issue?

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At this point, there are multiple Ring Community threads on this topic.

For example, have you seen the following thread?

This is obviously a serious problem that Ring needs to fix immediately. Thus, it would probably be helpful if you move your post to that thread so there are as many posts on the topic as possible in one place. Thanks.

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