End Live View To Open Your Event Timeline

I’m just wondering how many times I’m going to have to click Got It before this constant notification finally Gets It and goes away. I have to click it every single time I open my live view and often, I have things that are going across the bottom of the camera that are setting it off but am unable to view them in Live View because of that notification taking up half of the left side of the screen. It won’t dismiss unless I hit the Got It just right either and I do get it since I’ve been using the app for oh…two or three years now. It’s gotten pretty annoying at this point and it’s poor coding on Ring’s part to not have it totally dismiss after the first time. Has anyone else had this and maybe found a way around it?

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Hi @nightsmusic. If possible, can you please take a short screen recording on your phone to demonstrate this notification popping up when you’re accessing the Live View? You can then upload this video elsewhere, such as YouTube, and share the link to the video in your reply here. This way I can take a look at what you’re seeing and share it with my teams if needed. :slight_smile:

Please undo the need to make me tap “got it” every time I open my live camera. “Got it” means I got it and you don’t have to show again.


Hi neighbors. I checked in with my team on this, and they let me know that they’re aware of this notification and are working on resolving this for a future Ring App update. I don’t have an exact timeframe for when it will be corrected, but rest assured our teams are working on it. Thank you for sharing your feedback here! :slight_smile:

This is really fricking annoying - Fix it please

I agree
Very painful to get this notification (“end live view ….,)
every time and it blocks your screen
And you have to click “got it” vs times out

Ring needs to fix it

This is a huge PITA, please update as soon as possible