Enabling sound to be played at the location of the sensor when it is triggered

I have both Ring cameras and 2nd Gen Security setup. All works well.

I need to be able to play a sound when certain sensors are triggered AT SENSOR LOCATION. To be clear - it does not need to be “right at the sensor” - “in general vicinity” is good enough. Also - we are not talking siren here - just a short ping or other sounds to indicate that the sensor was triggered (not dissimilar to what you hear when you enter some stores)

However, playing sounds at the base station or the main keypad (both of which are located far away, sometimes on a different floor and behind several walls/doors) is useless.

I understand that some people suggested using extra keypads for this, but it seems like a hugely wasteful solution. Also, it has implications for security. Some of the locations I need things to beep are outside the house and not entirely secure. Putting a cheap sensor there is ok (if it gets stolen/broken/tampered - it is not a big deal). But placing entire keypad with full potential security access… This represents an entirely different level of risk.

I am happy adding extra chimes/sounders/whatever to the system to achieve this as far as they could connect to Z-Wave (eg cannot rely on WiFi).

Hi @Toly. I would suggest adding a compatible Amazon Echo device to your home. These devices can play alarm sounds when linked together. Learn more about this feature here. I hope this helps!