Enable microphone and sound by default

Hi there - just got a new Ring Pro doorbell installed but I have noticed that when I tap on the notification on my phone to say that someone is at my front door (i.e. they’ve actually pushed the doorbell) I get the live view feed but the sound and microphone are both muted by default. To make matters worse it seems like the microphone toggle button only shows when the phone is in portrait mode, whereas when the phone is in landscape mode it only shows the toggle sound button. All this means that it takes a bit of fumbling around before I can hear/speak to the person at the door (on top of the delay in opening the app and loading the video feed), all of which wastes valuable time when the person ringing is a courier (and they rarely hang around for more than a few seconds before walking off and posting a “sorry we missed you” card).

Is there any way to set the setting so that sound and microphone default to ON when I tap the someone at the door notification so that I can hear/speak to the person ringing the bell immediately without having to unmute each time? I’ve tried looking in the settings but couldn’t see it…

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Hi @TDH! At this time the two way talk must be initiated for the video to be considered “answered” in the Ring app. This allows you to choose whether your device records the default length video, or continue to live stream the event. This also, allows the user to choose when to initiate audio if someone is at their door.

While there is not a setting to control this, our Rapid Ring app is designed to provide quick access to live video. This may speed up your time to answer events in real time. We always value our neighbors feedback, and I will be sure to share this request with our team! :slight_smile:

I get that the app allows you the option to use two-way commincation but I would like to have the option to enable it by default.

At the moment I get an alert on my phone that someone has rung the bell. There is a slight delay whilst the Ring app opens, then another slight delay whilst the video feed connects, then a slight delay whilst my phone orientates itself into portrait mode, then I have to tap both the audio and microphone icons to unmute (and another slight delay whilst the doorbell responds) before I can communicate with the person at my door.

If I could toggle audio and microphone on by default, the only delay would be the app opening and the feed connecting.

Do you understand what I am getting at?


Completely understand @TDH! Thank you for breaking down the use case and benefit. I’ll be sure to share this thread with our team for future consideration, as this sounds like an excellent feature for two way audio. :slight_smile:

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Has this issue been resolved… Really annoying to have 10 second and many clicks before you can speak to the person in front of your doors…


I would also like this feature added. I have issues when reviewing previous recordings I do not have a option to have microphone on so cannot hear them. I can only hear while in live mode

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I would also like this fixed, it really is poor. To top it off, on my phone it defaults to alndscape video and won’t change to portrait, so I can’t even get to the buttons to turn the microphone on, so I can’t speak to anyone at the door at all. It needs a one tap method to answer the door with a two way call.


I would also like this feature. Either microphone on by a setting or enable the microphone via voice command.


Likewise for the exact reason keep missing delivery drivers It can’t be that hard to do

Has this been resolved delivery drivers really don’t like waiting for a reply and neither do the post workers

My microphone does’nt work. Why it used to show op th microphone?

Hi neighbors! This is not currently a feature in the Ring app. Depending on privacy settings in your Ring app, audio should record with videos. At this time, tapping the event notification and enabling the two way talk is the best method for answering. You can also set up an Alexa announcement, in which an Alexa enabled device would allow you to answer that way as well.

While it is not audio related, you might also find interest in our new Rich Notification feature described in detail in our Community post by Riley.

As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created aFeature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

I find this very clunky too. I could go and open the door faster than answer on the app, I didn’t get this product just to use when I am away from home - trying to reduce contact with people is sensible right now.