Emergency Request from the 1st Gen Keypad

I believe that if you simultaneously press the check button and the X button on the first gen keypad, you can initiate an emergency call. Is this correct? Does the keypad make a sound?

I know that an alarm that is not disabled in time, Ring calls the account holder.

But what happens when an emergency call is made from the keypad?

For example, if a child were home alone and pressed the Check and X buttons and signaled an emergency… would Ring call the main contact / account holder first? Or would police be dispatched immediately? TIA.

Hi @QueenCaliWali. Pressing and holding the X and check mark will initiate the PANIC signal and cause emergency services to automatically be dispatched. This Help Center article here has some information about the Panic feature on the Keypad.

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Thanks for the response and the article. Follow up questions…

  1. Does activating the Panic signal ALSO SOUND the full alarm tone?
  2. Will ring contact a system owner to confirm before dispatching police?

It stands to reason that the alarm would sound, if the panic signal is activated, but the cited article didn’t say explicitly. Thanks.

Hey @QueenCaliWali. Activating the Panic signal will sound the siren. It will also automatically notify emergency services as well as the monitoring station will contact your first Emergency Contact. :slightly_smiling_face: