Emergency Contacts with Multiple Phone Numbers

My wife and I work in areas that don’t allow cell phones. Therefore, I need to create 2 contact numbers for each of us–one for the work number & the other for the cell number. The only way I can apparently do this is to enter my work number for the first contact, my cell number for the second contact & my wife’s work number for the third contact. At a minimum, I need a fourth contact for my wife’s cell number. Ideally, I’d like to have a total of six (6) contacts in order to add my adult son. My previous alarm system (ADT) allowed at least 3 numbers for each contact (3) and I could choose which numbers to call in sequence. Please tell me this will be possible SOON for Ring Alarm.

Good question @JD864! Three contacts is the maximum number of contacts that can be added at this time. This is to ensure for a quick and appropriate response time in the case where dispatch is necessary. If you are concerned about false alarms, there are several features in place to avoid these scenarios.

Check out our help center article about preventing false alarms for tips and tricks on optimizing your Alarm system. I recommend also looking over this article for information on each Alarm type and how it is handled for emergency contacts and dispatch.

We always value our neighbors’ feedback and will, of course, share your request for more emergency contacts with our teams here! If you have another family member who can be added as a 3rd option when you both are working, this might be a great solution for you as well. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the speedy response. I’m more concerned about the monitoring center being able to reach me vs. a false alarm (I’ve only had one in the past 17 years). Since I use/have access to my cell phone for more hours of the day than I’m at work, I switched my first contact to it. Problem is, if the alarm is triggered while I’m at work, you won’t contact me in certain cases & I won’t know about it until I turn on my cell phone at the end of the work day. Guess I’ll have to try to get creative with some sort of automated notification until you allow multiple phone numbers for each emergency contact. I am frustrated that you don’t have this seemingly simple capability. Your competitors do. It’s not like I’m requesting you try reaching me at 5 different numbers before dispatching help (something I realize you wouldn’t do anyway in certain circumstances).