Emergency alerts setting in app missing

In the kb article found here: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039406772-Getting-emergency-alerts-in-Do-Not-Disturb-mode

It indicates that you can tap Menu -> Settings and there should be an alerts section. But there’s not one in my app. I have the latest app version from the app store (5.27.2). I’m attaching a screenshot of what I see when accessing “Menu” and tapping “Settings” per the steps in the article.

What version of the app supports this documented feature? And when will this version be available?


Hi @jpf. Based on the screenshot you attached, it looks like you may not have a Ring Alarm system associated with your account. The feature in the Help Center Article you linked is available for those who have a Ring Alarm system to allow emergency alerts to go through even with Do Not Disturb on. If you do not have a Ring Alarm system on your account, you will not see this option.