Emergency Alerts Details

For the new Emergency Alerts feature, when enabled in iOS, which alerts will Ring send as a Critical Alert that bypasses DND and mute? Is it only if the alarm is triggered, or will all alerts (contact sensor tripped, motion sensor, etc.)

Also, will the feature be applied to alerts from other ring devices besides Alarm, such as Doorbell, Flood Light?

Is it possible to customize which alerts (i.e. which sensors, etc.) trigger critical/emergency alerts?

There really shoud be more detailed documentation about this feature.


Good question @bluering! The Emergency Alerts feature will only bypass do not disturb mode with Alarm emergency alerts at this time. These are alerts of your Alarm triggering from an armed mode, and applies to push notifications only, not email.

Check out our help center article about emergency alerts to learn more! I will, of course, pass on your feedback to our teams. :slight_smile:

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