Email when alarm is alarming

I searched and found nothing that answers my question so I came here for help. I have email notifications completely disabled yet when my alarm is tripped and starts alarming I get an email. Can somone tell me how to stop that. The push notifications seem to work just fine and I find having to clear the added email annoying. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey there, @myfriendscallmezee! You will get emails whenever account information is updated, such as signing up for professional monitoring or changes with the alarm and it’s features. If you are still getting mode updates emails, such as your alarm going off, I would recommend deleting the app, rebooting your phone (turning it off/on) and then re-downloading the app.

Make sure to check under Settings > Alarm Alerts and ensure the “Email” option is turned off. Then go ahead and set your alarm to home or away, set it off, and then disarm it after it starts to alarm.

You should no longer be getting that email, and if you are, please reach out to our support team for further troubleshooting at 1-800-656-1918!

Hi. Thanks for replying. Will deleting and reinstalling the app result in me needing to reconfigure my alarm and/or door settings again?

Hey @myfriendscallmezee! Rest assured, you will not have to worry about doing all of that. Once it is set up once, it will always be on your Ring account until you remove it purposefully through the app, so you won’t have to worry about setting things up again!

Hi again. I followed your directions and the tested by triggering an alarm and I received the email just as before. Any other ideas?

@myfriendscallmezee In this case, I would reach out to our support team at 1-800-656-1918 so they can take a closer look at it for you!