Elite with doorbell

I’ve successefully installed a Ring Elite doorbell with power from the CAT6 network cable. The device works well providing good notifications via the app.
I’ve tried to connect it to the existing doorbell/chime using the additional doorbell / chime wiring connections but it just continually rings as if the switch within the Ring is in the closed position all the time and the only way to stop it is to disconnect it or turn off the power to the doorbell.
I’ve checked the compatibility list and the doorbell is not listed in any - has anyone had experience connecting an Elite to a Friedland E861?

Hi @CrazyFairy. I’m not sure if the chime you have is a mechanical or digital chime, but the Friendland CE681 is listed as an incompatible digital chime in our Chime Kit Compatibility List for the Doorbell Elite. It’s possible the chime you have is not compatible, which could contribute to what you’re experiencing.