Elite Doorbell

COMPLAINT:. strong textI am extremely disappointed that the company does not offer spare parts (I.e. screws, the rubber cover over the doorbell) for purchase. I’ve been informed that I would need to buy a whole, new unit, just to have a rubber button. You see, after many years (out of warranty) of faithful service, my button has degraded to needing tape to remain affixed to the wall unit. The indignity is compounded by the fact that Customer Service stated that these buttons are not available for purchase; I would need to buy another unit instead!!! WTH?!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: This is ridiculous and in my opinion, a form of price gouging. Currently researching ways of covering my button with something more permanent than tape.
The ridiculousness would lessen also if there had been upgrades to the camera that made a repurchase possibly worth it. My unit works perfectly; its rubber button cover has degraded and, for now, is being held in place by tape. Do you think I would damage the internal components or render its functioning useless by trying rubber contact cement or some other fix? ARGHHHHH

Hi @user61085 . Spate parts for your Ring Devices can be found here. The button for your Doorbell however, is not sold separately. This is not a user-serviceable part for replacement. However, some neighbors have found a DIY solution on places like ETSY. I hope this helps.

The main button dissolving is a common problem with all video doorbells so far. My Pro 1 is about to fail and I’ve just been on a post from a guy who has the same issue with the new Pro 2. They could at least make a cover which we could try sticking on, although I’ve tried gluing something on and not even superglue seems to stick.
Personally I’d make sure you speak to customer service before your warranty runs out.

Question: do you find your Elite is faster than the doorbell pro’s at connecting a user to your mobile phone? Sometimes my Pro 1 takes ages to notify and launch the live view.

@Ant1DP I have messed about with the Elite before but don’t have one myself. The time taken to load in the app can depend on a lot of stuff, like if you are away from home and using cellular, how good the Wifi is at the doorbell etc. However I would say overall the Elite is maybe a tad faster but the main benefit is consistency and the lack of reliance on Wi-Fi. It should just work. Its just a shame the Elite is very hard to install on brick and is lacking in features.

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