Electrical Box is too small for Ring Doorbell Pro

Hi everyone.

I have a Ring Doorbell Pro that I need to install. The screw holes of the electrical box where I would install the doorbell pro does not match up with the screw holes of the ring doorbell pro (the electrical box is too small compared to the doorbell).

The electrical box is cemented into the brick of my house and cannot be replaced without having to call a masonry professional. The brick is also impossible to drill through (even with masonry drill bits and power drill).

Is there any kind of plastic extender that I can fit over the electrical box? Essentially need something, like an adapter, to extend the length between the screw holes of the electrical box so I can screw in the doorbell.

Has anyone had to deal with an electrical box that is too small for the Ring doorbell?

Any recommendations would help.


Hi @djp1093. I recommend adding a picture of where you plan on installing your Doorbell Pro to help me or another neighbor make a recommendation. In the meantime, we do have this Help Center article on installing your Pro.