Electric Panel Vide Doorbell Compatibility

Hi guys,

I want to install the video doorbell but I’m not sure if is enough the setup that I have or is necessary to add a transformer or something

I want to install a Ring Video Doorbell Pro or 3 wired

My current doorbell is in the electric panel, and it is written on the module 230V~
I also attached 2 pictures with them, the module is the one marked with green Schneider Electric DOM X230
So my question is, is it ok just to wire the module provided and to wire it in the locations marked with green in picture attached?
It will work like this?

Added here also the module that I have:
https://www.se.com/ww/en/product/15320/ … z—80-db/

Maybe someone can help me with this
Thank you

Hi @Scrupix. When wiring your Doorbell, it needs to be wired to a low voltage transformer. 230V is too much voltage for the Ring Doorbell and could be potentially hazardous. If you do not have a compatible Doorbell transformer, I would suggest contacting a licensed and trusted electrician to install this for you to ensure safe and reliable operation of the Ring Doorbell. I hope this information helps!

Thanks a lot for the reply Tom
Probably another transformer is necessary here, indeed

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