Eero with Ring Pro now charging extra?

I just got an email from Eero saying

Blockquote What this means for you

As a current US eero Secure subscriber, you will be transitioned to an eero Plus plan on November 15, 2022.

You will not be moved to eero Plus pricing until your first billing date occurring on or after November 15, 2022. At that time, we will provide you an automatic and introductory discounted rate of 50% off eero Plus for 12 months (you will be charged $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year). After this discount period, you will be charged regular eero Plus pricing of $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.


I never used Eero before buying my ring pro alarm a few weeks ago and I know I didn’t sign up for any extras with the Eero. I log into the Eero account and under my account information it just shows my subscription level as “Eero Secure” and doesn’t give me any further options anywhere on there to change or modify or even cancel subscription. I have emailed Eero, but its frustrating to not know what is going on with a subscription which I do not want and definitely dont want to pay for on top of my yearly ring pro service fee.


Hi @ckoshka Thank you for posting this. I thought I was the only one who received that confusing email. I have been researching it and I believe there is some sort of mistake. For those of us that subscribe to Ring Protect Pro, we get eero Secure for free - it’s part of the services you receive. That’s what it says here: Ring Protect Pro | Subscription Plan with 24/7 Professional Monitoring | Ring. eero is now transitioning from eero Secure to eero Plus with a new price structure. I am hoping someone from Ring can comment on this thread and assure us that we will not be billed by eero and that our Ring Protect Pro service will cover the new eero Plus, which replaces eero Secure. @Caitlyn_Ring


@ckoshka @Caitlyn_Ring I believe the erroneous email from eero has now been resolved. I just received the following email from eero:

Ring Protect Pro Subscriber:

Recently, eero sent an email notifying US eero Secure customers about changes to their subscription, which was sent to Ring Protect Pro subscribers in error. If you have access to eero Secure as part of your Ring Protect Pro subscription, you will not be transitioned to eero Plus and will continue to be able to access eero Secure features as part of your Ring Protect Pro subscription.

We apologize for any confusion our prior email may have caused. For any questions you may email


Thank you! I was just getting on here to say the same because I just saw the correction email. Glad it was an error.


Hi neighbor, I did not get that notification I’ve had the Eero for a little while and I didn’t see anything where it was going to charge? Did you try calling them? They are seriously helpful with everything i have had to ask them. Actually they really are an amazingly helpful company. They helped me set up all my Eeros and connect them to all my Ring devices secessfully. Did you maybe hit an extra button by accident? Just call them. I am going to ad well to see if they are going to charge! I’d hate for that to be the case because these Eero mesh devices really have made everything better in my house. All my ring cameras and ring devices also even my Alexa devices work so much better. Good luck!