Echo Devices Won't Talk to Ring Doorbell

I’m at my wits end. I am able to get notifications form my Ring doorbel (second generation), but none of our Echo devices will talk to the front door. I have logged into the ring account. I have enabled the Ring skill on Alexa. I can see the camera name in the devices on the Alexa app. But asking the Echo to talk to the front door or any varation close to it, and it doesn’t work. I can see the device, I know full well it’s there. Heck, it rings on our devices. It announces someone at the door. But it will only commuicate via the Ring app, which defeats the entire purpose of having a Ring product.

I have tried removing the camera and rediscovering it. I have disabled and re-enabled the Ring skill. I’ve tried reading the online documentation–and the steps simply don’t work.

Has anyone encountered something like this? I’m ready to send it back and never get another Ring product.

I have a RING doorbell second generation, and I linked it to my Amazon ECHO DOT. When I say “ECHO” (my wakeup word), the colored ring on my echo DOT turns blue. (it is listening to me). When I say “talk to the front door” the colored ring on my echo DOT changes from BLUE to GREEN and the light ring is circling around. While it is GREEN, I can talk to the RING doorbell, and hear someone talking into the RING doorbell. To stop the conversation, I say “ECHO, stop”, or “ECHO, stop talking to the front door.” Works perfectly, except that the volume at the RING doorbell is only as good as the audio that the ECHO DOT hears. when my wife speaks softly, or is across the room and trying to speak into the DOT, it is hard to hear her at the RING doorbell. I hope that this helps you with your RiNG doorbell.

I appreciate the response, but it does not. I wake the echo by saying Alexa, and it responds as normal with the light ring. But “talk to the front door” (front door being the name of the Ring doorbell caera) results in Alexa asking if I mean a certain contact, as if I’m asking to place a call. Same thing happens if I try “speak to” instead of “talk to.” I am beyond furious that the advertised integration with Alexa appears to be a lie.

I’m having the same issue. Did you ever solve?

Re: Echo Devices Won’t Talk to Ring Doorbell

I was having this problem also. I ended up changing the name of the Ring doorbell from “Front Door” to “Doorbell” on the Alexa app and then she was able to recognize it. Otherwise she kept saying “I don’t see that name in your contacts” when I had it named Front Door. Definitely a weird glitch but I hope this helps solve your problem!

I posted a fix that worked for me for what might be the same/similar problem: