Easy to remove doorbell

Hi, just had a Ring doorbell fitted. Just wondered how secure this is. A thief could remove the doorbell by removing the screws and would then have access to the QR code and the password. Am I worrying unnecessarily?

Hey @BlackBear5! There’s nothing wrong with being protective of your home. Luckily, we’ve done most of the worrying for you.

Most of our Ring devices are designed to be mounted tightly to a bracket or wall, as well as uses a security screw to complete the installation. If a thief still finds a way to take your device, it should capture a video of them doing so. The setup of a Ring device is even more secure than the mounting. This setup process can only be done within the Ring app, and once setup, can only be altered by the owner account. Any attempts to setup your device, would be futile, as our Change of Ownership process would prevent someone else claiming ownership.

In the case of theft, we have a policy that can help you out in obtaining a replacement. Check out our help center article for steps to take in the case of Ring device theft. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: