Easy Owner Transfer?


We recent sold our place to a relative and we left behind our Doorbell and Alarm. Is there an easy to transfer ownership of the devices to them so that they don’t have to go around and re-setup all of the sensors and whatnot?

Hi @LnK. Since the devices are set up under your email address, you would need to remove them from your account so they can be set up under the relative’s email address. You can read more about ownership of Ring devices and how it works in our Help Center Article here. I wouldn’t recommend letting them sign into your Ring account as it will have your information, so transferring the ownership completely would be the best course of action so everything is set up under their account.

Does that mean that they will have to go and manually re-add all of the sensors, keypads, etc? This seems like a common enough occurrence that I would think there should be a better way of going about it.

@LnK Yes, they would need to set up the devices under their own account. There is no other way to transfer ownership of Ring devices over, but we appreciate the feedback you’ve shared in this thread. :slight_smile: