Each ring doorbell on a different network

I have a ring doorbell on my back door and it connects to the Spectrum modem/router nearby. My front door however is quite far away and I can’t get a signal there even with a booster in the house. So I’m having Spectrum install a 2nd internet line which will have it’s own Network name and the front new doorbell will be on that network.

Am I creating problems? Will Ring be able to cope with two devices on two different networks?

Hi @Leftcoaster. There shouldn’t be any issues with having each device on a different network. As long as each Ring device has a stable connection to the internet via your home networks, you shouldn’t run into any performance concerns. :slight_smile:

Thanks. My concern is that my mobile devices will be logged into one or the other network for wifi while home and I’m wondering if that will confuse the alerts.

@Leftcoaster Your mobile device does not have to be on the same network as your Ring devices. Each device just needs to have a stable internet connection, but they do not need to be on the same networks. :slight_smile: