E2EE enrolled device cannot view encrypted live view video

The device enrolled in E2EE but cannot view encrypted live view video.

Hi @9375ca5f442308aeacb8c4978c512a. I would double check to make sure that the device you are viewing this video on is enrolled in E2EE. In your post here, you have 2 devices but only one enrolled. You can manage your authorized devices in your Control Center.

I only authorised one device.
The other iPhone was an unknown device that I wanted to remove but I don’t have any way to do so.

Would you please advise how to remove the unwanted device?

Hi @9375ca5f442308aeacb8c4978c512a. You can manage your Authorized Client Devices in the Control Center.

You can click the blue link to take you to our Help Center article with steps on how to do this.

A different (but perhaps, related) Live View bug also exists in the iPadOS version.

Is it safe to assume that you also can NOT view any encrypted video clips (from enrolled Ring devices) that were created as a result of motion detection?

If so, it’s possible that your iPhone is NOT properly enrolled in the E2EE feature – despite being listed on the “Enrolled Mobile Devices” screen. (Unfortunately, attempting to solve the problem may involve some degree of trial and error.)

Warning: While attempting to solve the various problems you are experiencing, think carefully before turning off the E2EE feature (even for a moment) – as you will instantly lose access to all encrypted video clips (which, of course, is very undesirable).

9375ca5f442308aeacb8c4978c512a -

If you take a look at the post I created in your other thread… you’ll notice that the (tremendously frustrating) “E2EE (extraneous) mobile device” bug also exists in the iPadOS version of the Ring app.