Dvr system

Hi to everyone, I have a Camera system that was install before the ring devices and wanted to know if the video feed can be used on the ring system

any suggestions

Thanks in advance

There’s no way to use a DVR with the Ring system. Also be aware that Ring only has cloud based storage. There’s usually a trial period but after that you need a plan to see recorded videos.


Another point to consider is that Ring video cams do not stream 24/7.

They video record primarily when Motion is detected. Then, they record for a short amount of time (approx. 30 seconds). If there is more detected motion, they will record another segment over and over again. You can manually initiate a “Live View” via an App or on your PC, but that recording will terminate if you close the App or it reaches the maximum duration (which I believe is around a 10-minute segment).

These videos stay on the Ring Cloud for 60 days and then are deleted automatically. Ring cloud storage Plans are $30 annually for the “Basic Plan” (for one cam) and their annual $100 “Plus Plan” (for 2 or more ring devices). You can download the video files onto your personal storage, before they are deleted.

There is a new Snapshot feature which takes a "still’ pictures at a set interval. Most externally (plug-in) powered Ring cams have Snapshot intervals of: “Every 30-seonds”, or “Every 1 Minute”, or “Every 3 minutes.” Most battery powered cams have Snapshot intervals of: “Every 5 minutes”, or “Every 14 minutes”, or “Every 1 hour.” When viewed, it’s like a time-lapse video comprised of all the still pics. These Snapshots stay on the Ring Cloud for 7 days before deletion. They too can also be download in ‘15-minute’ batches.

Hope this helps you out. :slight_smile: