Dusk to Dawn on Floodlight Cam

How is it that in year 2020 that the Ring Floodlight Cam doesn’t have a dusk to dawn setting on the light? It’s connected to the internet and it knows it location so this should be a no brainer. Their own website says it’s possible, but that’s simply not true.

Hi @teresak1014! The lights on the Floodlight Cam will only turn on for motion events when it’s dark. If it is dark outside and your lights aren’t turning on you can adjust your motion sensitivity for triggering the lights. If it’s dark outside and you don’t want the lights to turn on at all, you can always turn off your motion zones and manually control your floodlight through the manual lights control.

Check out ourhelp center article about controlling these lights for the Floodlight Cam. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I am looking for the floodlight cam to turn on automatically at dusk, and off at dawn with a certain about of differences, say 30 mins. The dumb light from Home Depot has that basic option, and the Ring website states that there is a dawn to dusk setting. Where do I find that setting? Here in the northeast, resetting exact times for seasonal changes is a real PITA. Other smart lights have this feature.

is a PITA.

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Hi @Scandela0629, happy to chime in here for Marley. With the Floodlight Cam, you can set a Light Schedule that allows you to set your floodlights to turn on or off at any time you choose. You can check out our Help Center Article on Light Scheduling here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: