Duress code setup / silent siren - HELP?!

Hi all,
I’m new to Ring. I’ve just installed my ring alarm system yesterday.

I’ve read about the Duress Code feature (where you can select a ‘fake code’ whereby if you enter this code on the keypad followed by the de-activate button, you will appear to have ‘turned off’ your alarm, but in reality, it will have triggered an SOS to the Ring monitoring team).

So for example, if an intruder was in your house holding you at knifepoint forcing you to de-activate the alarm, this code silently sends a distress signal for them to send the police immediately. It acts like a silent siren, so to speak.

I actually think this is an excellent feature and very clever. I really want to enable this on my system.

Ive followed the instructions exact;
->Shared Access
->But when I get to that point, I dont see any option to set a duress code???

I’ve contacted Ring support & have been back and forth with them a few times, but they haven’t figured out any solution yet - they keep asking me to update the app, but I’m already using the latest version.
(Plus even if the app was the problem, when I login to my Ring account online, it should still show the duress code option there but it doesn’t, so I dont think it’s the app causing the problem).

I know that the duress code feature is only available to peole who have subscribed to Ring Protect (monitored plan).
So my question is, did anyone else experience this problem? And did you find a solution?

And could it be because I haven’t paid yet (I’m still on the 30 day free trial of Ring Protect), could that be the issue, do you think?

Any help is welcomed please.

Thanks guys.

EDIT: I’m using Android (in case that has any relevance). Also I’m based in Ireland - just in case we have different features/different app to U.S. users… thanks!

Hi @LFC_Gal. You can find information about the Duress Code here. I hope this is helpful!