Duress Code - Setting Up - Instructions are not correct, how do I setup the code?

I just read the instructions for setting up a duress code. When I select Settings in the App menu, there is no “User” option, only “Shared Access”, I select “Shared Access (closet to User I can find)”, then I select my name under Owner, the is NO Duress Code option on this page, only the primary Ring Security Code which is different from programming a duress code for the Keypad. UGH! HELP! Anyone having the same issue? Is the Duress Code option only in the App if signed up for 24/7/365 Monitoring?

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You are exactly right! The Duress Code option is only available in the Ring app if you are signed up for Professional Monitoring. You certainly were visiting the right area of the Ring app, and I’ve passed your feedback along to our teams here to look into the wording in the Ring app. In any case, once you are signed up for Professional Monitoring this option should show up for you. :slight_smile: