Dummy alarm box blue flashing light affecting night vision

Hi all, I’ve installed a Stick up cam to the front of my garage and I also have a Dummy alarm box which flashes with a blue LED light. But if I look at live view the the view I see keeps flashing on and Off, I disabled “Infrared Lights for Night Vision” and now the flashing on and off of the view has gone but I can’t see my driveway. Do you think its the Blue light that causing the problem?
Tomorrow I will remove the batteries from the Dummy box and see if that cures it, if it does do you think that replacing the Dummy box with a red flashing light would do the trick, or just get rid of it

Interesting! Update after changes?!! Thanks

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OK, I did remove the dummy box with no difference at all, so then I removed the cam and set it up indoors but looking out of a window and the live view was the same, flashing on and off, after a close examination of the recording it appeared that the camera picked up the night view, then the color was turned on and a split second later the infra red lights turned off and the view returned to dark. and did this every 5 seconds or so.
So I guessed that the camera was faulty and requested a replacement from Amazon which arrive the next day, I’ve set it up and all is well, so all down to a brand new faulty camera, but it had me a bit perplexed for a while

Hi @Bobca. I’m glad to hear you got this issue resolved by requesting a replacement through Amazon. I want to note that we do not recommend pointing any Ring Security Camera directly at a window, as the glass from the window will impact the motion detection.