Dual Hardwire Doorbells

I am looking for a wiring diagram for dual hardwired Gen3 pro doorbells, i dont have a hardwire indoor chime and planned to use the wireless ring chime. Thank you for your help and time.

Hey @Hrszwspr. What Doorbell do you plan to get? You mentioned a Doorbell 3 but also the Pro, but I can find you a Help Center Article for a wiring diagram for you. Did you plan to set it up directly to a transformer, since you do not have an internal chime kit?

Thank you very much for the help. The doorbell item is 8VRSLZ-0EN0, I dont think they are the plus. I have two of them and want to hardwire them so I dont have to worry about batteries. I dont know if I need two transformers if if they can be wired on one. All the wiring diagrams I see incorperate a indoor chime which I dont plan to use. I wanted to use the wireless ring chime.

@Hrszwspr Thanks for getting back to me! You can definitely wire both Doorbells, but it will have to be directly to a transformer if you do not have an internal chime kit to wire it up with. You can learn more about how to do this in our Help Center Article here. If this article doesn’t provide enough information for you to accomplish this, we recommend contacting a local electrician.