Dual batteries in spot light camera

Do dual batteries inserted in to the Spot Cam deplete at the same time causing a double re-charge needed?

Good question @Eld2878! If you are using two batteries in your Spotlight Cam they will be used one at a time. One battery will be used until it is low, and the other will then be used. I hope this helps!


Thank you for the answer on ,does the second battery start when the first one depletes.

Can we have a software/ firmware option to control which battery is primary and if they will discharge in parallel instead of serial?

What would be the use case why you would prefer one battery be primary vs the other?

From what I’ve read (and experienced) the camera performance suffers when primary battery is below 20% charge. In the absence of balancing battery discharge (parallel discharge) I would like the ability to switch primary so camera runs off the battery that has >20% charge and my video quality is higher.

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OKay, that makes sense.

Hi @Pg1 ! Yepp, the second battery will start working once the first one dies. Hope this helps :slight_smile: