Dropping voltage then spike

Greetings. Installed Ring Video Pro a couple of months ago. Have loved it! Over the past few weeks, the voltage as reported in Device Health has steadily dropped from roughly 3950 to below 3900. Unexpectedly, my power went out this morning and after being restored, Device Health reports over 4000mv. Any ideas? Should I be concerned or is this expected? Thanks!

Great question @Sokkerpunk! Voltage can fluctuate by nature depending on many variables such as thin wiring or an old transformer. As long as the Pro’s device health remains above 3700 mv it will operate as intended.

Many thanks for the response! To close the loop on my case in particular and in case anyone else has this issue, I did wind up contacting Ring support via phone. The support engineer pretty much explained verbatim what you described here. He walked me thru a few troubleshooting steps which included removing the cover and attempting a hard reset. The round light pulsated white and the engineer was unable to determine the possible causes so a new unit will be dispatched to me. Although I had an electrician install the first unit and he indicated the transformer “should” be fine, I am going to make sure he visually inspects it this time! Thanks so much for the support! Cheers!!

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