Dropping the Ring desktop app?

Why is Ring dropping the desktop apps on 15 Oct 21? Is so, I guess the bigger question is why do I still use ring products? I use the Mac desktop app (buggy as it is) WAY more than on a phone. Is there a GOOD valid reason for taking this step to remove use of a product on anything other than a phone?


Having the ability to view on my desktop is one of the BIGGEST reasons why I subscribed to RING! Now Ring is taking this away. I plan on quitting my subscription with Ring and go with WYZE or Panasonic. Yea, they do not have desktop, but they are cheaper and just as good. Taking this option away seriously diminishes the reason why I have subscription for 3 RING cams. I am so done with this BS! BTW, in the corporate world, FOR EVERY ONE COMPLAINT, there are at least 10 that go unheard!


You also cant use Safari

Safari works just fine for me on my Mac

The video downloads from the desktop app use the naming format:


It is the only download app that uses it. All others assign a cryptic numeric code that does nothing to describe the file contents. Unless this is moved to the web application then I have little hope of using downloaded files for documenting activity around my properties.

The recent change to the web app, where camera files are only observable from the “History” tab, and not the camera by camera lists available on the “Devices” tab, I may never be able to use my sizeable investment in cameras as I have in the past. It is bug-ee, inconsistent and often locks up. This may be enough motivation to discontinue my Ring network and go to another product line. Nine devices on my network and now I won’t be able to discern one downloaded file from another unless I take the time to individually name them. An impossible task to keep up with the 20-40 files I download per day.

If you take away this app, then you MUST move the file naming convention for downloads to the WEB app to allow users to continue archiving videos on an appropriate device.

Also you can not use live view in Firefox

This is a TERRIBLE decision. I HATE the phone app. The desktop app is much more helpful. Typical bad corporate decision without asking the users, and after people plunk down hundreds of dollars on cameras. I should have switched to a company that isn’t owned by Amazon, if there still is one.


Congrats to Ring on another bad decision! I will be replacing all of my cameras at my home and business!

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You can get Live View for each of your cameras in Safari? I get the following message when I try:

“Live View is not available for your browser, we recommend using the latest Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.”

How did you get yours to work in Safari? Did you tweak settings somehow?

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I also think this is a very bad decision. Okay the desktop app isnt great but its a lot better than having to keep a browser tab open just for Ring. Im a web developer and have about 10-15 tabs open all the time and its will just get lost!

Feel like you are going backwards.

I know probably everyone has said this but it would be nice to have a live stream (no time limit, and multiple streams) on the devices that are mains powered. I know it would put more demand home network but thats a choice we can make. Maybe a low res unless focused on.


This is horrible. Does this mean I have to leave a browser window active all the time to get the auto popup when I have an alert. What a joke. And I don’t like using mobile apps and furthermore don’t carry my phone around the house. My computer is near where I sit most of the time in my family room, so easy access. Now Ring is almost totally worthless to me.

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You may also use safari because it works nicely on my mac. indigocard

This is very disappointing. I use the desktop app most of the time. The mobile app is too slow to open constantly. Half the time by the time it loads it’s too late to answer a doorbell before the person walks away.


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Ooops, no . . . live view does not work in Safari. After your post I went back and looked again. I get the live picture when i login, but no, cannot live stream.

Dang! I was hoping you found a way to get it to work in Safari. Thanks for checking, and for letting us know. Let’s hope they get it to work in Safari soon!

This is a very poor decision on the part of Ring, and makes Ring much less useful as a true security system.

Don’t drop the desktop app! I too don’t carry my phone everywhere, I’m usually close to my computer and the app is better than the web page which if you close it out, every time you get an alert and open it, you have to sign in first. This is a BAD decision. One of the reasons why I chose Ring, the desktop app shows everything and easy to maneuver around. I am NOT a happy camper and also will consider something else.

Please reconsider this decision of removing Ring from the desktop. I always use my desktop with my ring products as opposed to the cell phone because of the larger screen. If this goes through, I will have to look for NON AMAZON cameras to purchase. I don’t trust AMAZON any longer anyway…