Driving me mad. Can't answer doorbell before visitor goes away

I purchased a Ring doorbell a couple of months ago and it’s driving me mad. When someone is at the door and presses the bell, after about 5-10 seconds I have a notification pop up (Samsung S10+) with a view of who’s at the door but no option to answer the call. Instead I have to fiddle around trying to find the Ring app, open it then bh the time it’s connected to live view the person has gone. It’s nothing at all like the advert.
Please tell me there’s something I can do? It’s all connected via Wi-Fi (fibre), and the app is upto date.
Thanks in advance.

I am having the same issue. When researching this device it seemed to show being able to see and communicate with someone as soon as they ring the bell. That has not proven to be the case. There is a considerable lag between when the bell is pushed and when you can actually get involved with the person at the door. Even if you have your phone or tablet right at hand. It takes so long that often people just assume no one is home and they just leave. Even if you do actually get to communicate the audio is so choppy it’s hard to understand what is being said. I purchased the Ring 3 Plus. You would think a $230. device would be a little more responsive and actually do what it is supposed to do. So far I’m not impressed at all. I feel like I spent a lot of money on a gimmick at this point.

I actually tried Rapid Ring. I would love to be able to set my device to open right away to a full screen image of the front door whenever the doorbell is pushed instead of having to click on a little pop-up to make that happen. Right now I have the Ring app on 2 desktop computers, 2 Samsung Galaxy S 10 phones, and 1 Samsung Tab A7 tablet. I’m always home so it should be easier to get connected.

Did you try motion detection? I have a short front walk and have the sensitivity turned way down to prevent nuisance alerts but I get the pop-up just as they are reaching for the doorbell.

Also, turn off people motion. For me that takes too long

I have Apple devices so maybe it’s different, by I get notices in order:

  1. On my phone/watch
  2. Conventional door chime
  3. Amazon Echo