Dramatic reduction in battery performance of Ring Video Doorbell 4

I’ve found the battery in the Ring Video Doorbell 4 running down much faster recently, but I’m at a loss on why this is happening considering there has been no change to the settings or environment recently.

I have a spare battery pack for the doorbell and I switched the battery on the 22nd December after getting the notification that battery was at 20%. This has been running since 17th November so I was reasonably happy with the performance. Then on the 3rd January 2022, I got a notification that battery was low (it was at 7%) and needed to be recharged so I swapped the battery pack again to a fully charged one. Now on the 5th January, the battery level is already down to 59%.

I have not changed any of the power settings (I’ve had snapshots off and motion frequency set to minimal since November), RSSI is good at -42 and the weather has actually been warmer than November/ early December due to the recent unseasonal weather.

I’m at a loss now on what else I try to diagnose the root cause of this battery drain.

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I’ve noticed the same thing. Draining quick. I have two 4’s. Both are draining fast. Both said power source battery, solar connected. I received an email about one of them being low. Then it died. I charged the battery and it said hardwired again. Tried removing the battery from my other, but it still says power source battery, solar connected. I don’t have solar. Something has changed. I know it has been cold in my area, but I never had this problem with my doorbell 2’s. Pretty frustrating to say the least.

The app is warning me battery is down to 18% now so swapping the battery over. This doorbell can’t last 3 days without a battery swap now. What the hell…

Yeah, not sure what is going on, bad firmware update (again). Idk

The one I charged up the other day is now back down to 89%. It has been cold where I’m at, but it has been cold before with my video doorbell 2’s and this didn’t happen. Everything is also set to defaults with the recommended settings. I haven’t messed with those options.

Hey Neighbors. One thing to keep in mind about battery performance is the weather. All batteries a dramatically affected by cold weather. This Help Center article here has information on cold weather and how it affects your Ring Devices.

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Thanks for the reply Tom. It must just be a lot colder than usual.