Dr bell does not capture most movements even after delays

I wonder if my system is hacked, despite this 2 - factor authentication now added. I was parked in front of my own use, all scenes should’ve been captured. Pulling up, parking, me exiting my car, me walking toward porch where drbell is located. So out of these movements, at least 3 or so should be included in event history. Not a 1 appears in same. Have wedge put in, to angle it’s placement better, just VERY SELECTIVE CAPTURING, as if it is being controlled to record only certain activity. Settings ore ok. Very odd and unreliable device and system. This has happened since 1st install, 2 yrs ago, in spite of repeat visuirts by Art, whose techs installed it.I posted this complaint at 12:56am on 4-6-2020, by the way. NOT ON 4-5-2020 AT 1035PM!!

Thank you for this feedback @Lousy. Based on your description of this concern, I recommend altering your Motion Frequency setting to most “frequent”. While your other settings are important to fine tune if your motion frequency is set to preserve battery it will, by design, prevent too many back to back motions from detecting. If motion was triggered prior to you pulling in the driveway, a light motion frequency might cause your activity to not be detected. When set to “frequent” it will capture motion constantly with a very short amount of recording to idol time between events.

Try also to reset your Ring device by holding the setup button for 20 seconds, if the above steps do not resolve your motion detection.

If you are concerned about account access, check out our Community post about control center. The control center in your Ring app will allow you to view and remove any authorized client devices from accessing the account. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: