Downloaded/Shared videos lower quality than in-app

When I download or share a Ring video, the quality is much lower than viewing it in-app. It’s as though it’s quite compressed when downloading; the videos are much more pixelated. Here is an example.

Ring support chat could only point me towards troubleshooting the recording quality, which is not my issue. As you can see, it records fine, but I seemingly don’t have access to those higher quality recordings.

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Hi @user41419. Which model of Ring Doorbell or Camera is this happening on? You can find the model name on the Device Health page in the Ring app. Additionally, which version of the Ring app and your phone’s operating software are you on?

I have the same issue. The downloaded video is badly compressed using the ‘download’ function in the iPhone app, or the website.

My guess is their software compresses the video when adding the “” logo and timestamp. The difference in quality is really noticeable.

The only solution I’ve found is to play the video full-screen from the ring. com website and use screen video capture to record that (e.g. using QuickTime on a Mac).

Hi neighbors. To have this further investigated requires information that cannot be gathered here in the Community. If you could, please reach out to our support team on social media by sending a private message to @Ring on Facebook or sending a direct message to @Ring on Twitter. You can also call our support team.

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