Downgrade the app? Rings doorbells now too slow.

I have ring doorbells (version 1) at the front and back door. They both used to work really well. I have even answered the front door while in China. Recently, the front door will almost never go live. If it does go live, our visitor is long gone. Motion alerts vary a lot. We may get alerts immediately or 10 minutes after the occurence. The back door is slightly better but not by much.

During the covid issue, our ISP has increased our speed to 500Mbps. I can reliably stream music (while mowing the yard) or videos while out in front or back yard. If I view the history, most videos are there, and it doesn’t usually miss recording any ocurrences. I can no longer use it as a video doorbell.

Additionally, I believe the apps used to work much more reliably as the old version (without the previews). I used to be able to switch the app back to the old version and it would improve the operation of the system. I am afraid the older version 1 doorbells may not work well with the newer app updates and added functions. It may be a coicedence, buty I think each new added app feature seems to make my doorbells worse.

Is there a way to switch to a simpler light version of the app that used to work very well?

Hey @mdcwlaf. Have you heard of the Rapid Ring app? This sounds like exactly what you need, and is known for being a smaller/lighter version of the Ring app to help load your Live View quicker. Give that a try and let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:

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Funny, I found the Rapid Ring app just minutes before I received your email. This light version, of the ring dorrbell app, does dramatically improve the responsiveness of the two video doorbells. I may actiually be able to use them as doorbells again.

Thank you.

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