double beep

I have a floodlight cam that’s the wired version. I have been woken up in the middle of the night with the floodlight cam sounding an intermittent double beep. Last night at 3am I went outside to confirm it’s the camera, there was no motion alerts going off no reason for it to be beeping. It’s very loud and I’m sure my neighbors are probably wondering as well. Anyone having this issue or know why and how to stop it?

Also is there a way to control the volume on the speaker?

Hi @kg1165, could you potentially share a video of what this sound is? Being able to capture this on video may help other neighbors in the Community know if they’ve experienced this. Although, this is an odd occurrence, and if you could still reach out to our support team here, that would be greatly appreciated! Please feel free to come back with that video and/or let us know how our support team handles this.