dose The ring work with out internet

Dose any one know if the internet is shut off at home will the ring still work on your phone? We are snow birds and when we leave we Shut down the Internet

I’m pretty sure your ring system requires constantly WiFi to remain working so if you turn off the Internet when you leave and are not hot spotting off your phone then it won’t work.

Hi @Harley1961! As @Samwd stated, all our devices utilize a network connection to function as intended. Whether wifi or PoE, a network connection is required for your Ring devices to communicate with your Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Major question: WiFi is required to access the Ring system via the RIng app. Is WiFi required if you don’t use the Ring app?

Reason I ask is that I have a new home on the East Coast which I want to secure with Ring but I am not moving there for at least 4 months. So, I don’t want to get Internet connectivity and pay for it when I’m not going to be living in it during that time frame. I currently have Cox HomeLife which uses their cable and satelite connectivity (backup) where I live. Does Ring security have a backup mode?

So, if a theif cuts the source wire that provides your Router (WIFI SOURCE) with power, the Ring Alarm system is disarmed? If so, that’s a problem!

Hey @ScottMal. As our Ring Doorbells are wifi enabled, this means that they need a constant connection to the wifi network they are connected to in order to still be online and functioning. Once there is no connection to the wifi, the devices will fall offline until the internet connection is restored. Hope this helps clear this up for you!