Dorrbell not charging wired and doorbell not ringing

Hello, so my ring doorbell is no longer charging, i have it hardwired and it was working great but all of the sudden it stopped charging. I checked my breaker and power to the doorbell and its fine. The only way i can charge it is by removing it form the wall and charging it with a cable. I am also having a problem with my doorbell not the actual ring but my doorbell in my home that rings when the button is pressed isnt going off. I thought that it may be broken but when i bridge the two screws on the ring mount it rings. Is this a problem with the mount or the actual doorbell and if so what can i do to fix it?


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Are you able to successfully charge the battery via USB? If you aren’t then it could be time to replace the battery.

Yes, it charges with the cable and it holds a charge, it just doesnt charge when mounted on the wall and i know the wall is getting power because when i bridge the negatove and postive wires with a screwdriver it activates the doorbells chime.

Check out this awesome checklist for Hardwiring Battery-Powered Video Doorbells. :slight_smile:

When my doorbell was originally installed it was installed by an electrician and was working just fine. All of the sudden it started to die, would charge while hardwired and doesnt activate the chine that is built into my home anynore. The device does however charge and hold a charge Via USB cable, It still rings from the actual device when the button is pressed, it still detects motion and notifies me of any activity. As stated before my circuit breaker wasnt tripped, my built in chime still works when i bridge the postive and negative screws on the rings mounting bracket and that activates my chime. So is there anything i can do to get my doorbell to charge while its wite or do i need a new one?

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