Dorbell not holding charge (under 1 month)

Purchased dorbell in the black friday sales and for second time it has notified me it needs charging soon, I thought they where meant to hold charge for 6 months
What can I do?
is it faulty?

Hi @user75238. What is the RSSI for the device and how many events (Ding, Motion, Live View) are you experiencing per day? Also, what is the average temperature outside where the doorbell is located?

Hi it says RSI is 68
currently in UK its around 7 degreeā€™s
Looking at history 7 so far today and yesterday 13 . mixture of missed rings and motion at door

Hi @user75238. Thanks for the updates. Some of these things are contributing to your low battery. An RSSI of 68 is rather poor, which means your doorbell is working harder to stay connected to your router. The low temperature of 7 degrees also depletes the battery level. I would suggest adding a Chime Pro or other type of WiFi extender to get your RSSI between 45-55. You can learn more about RSSI here. As for the weather, theres not much we can do about that except wait for warmer weather. I hope this is helpful.

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