Doorbells don’t work at night

We have two ring doorbells and have not had any issues. They are hardwired and have strong WiFi. About two - three weeks ago they both suddenly stopped detecting motion between sunset and sunrise. People pull in to our driveway and walk right up to the door and there is noting. We can still access the cameras through the app but get no chime or notification in the app and it records no motion events.

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Hi @Philport - to better assist, can you please send over how you have your motion zones and the field of view your device ‘sees’? Also, can you please send over a video where it once picked up the motion at night but now has not? It may be that you just need to adjust your zones a bit – have you recently done that? Personally, I adjust my zones every so often to ensure I am capturing any and all important notifications until I find the zones that fit my home the best. Hope this helps!

Hello, my ring does not pickup motion at night

I have this issue as well. At best, it would capture a still image periodically overnight, so I changed some settings to see if that helped. I have not yet remembered to check the overnight notifications and recordings, but just last night my peephole cam stopped working completely. No motion detection and cannot connect to device to view live. Device Health says it is online and has 66% battery and that everything is up to date and working normally.