Doorbell2 Intercom Chime

I added the Diode to the Doorbell2.

Doorbell2 works fine without any issues.

I connected the Doorbell2 to my existing M&S Intercom wires.

Now, my Intercom is constantly chiming as though someone is pressing the button constantly.

When I press the button, the doorbell2 works fine with no issues, however, I have this constant chime in my house from the M&S Intercom.

What am I doing wrong?

Hey @ssruindia! It’s possible the intercom system may be incompatible. Not only are many intercom systems DC powered, but they might require more power than can be shared between the intercom and the Video Doorbell.

Check out our help center’s chime kit compatibility list to see if yours is on there. We recommend using a compatible chime for optimal functionality. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response. The M&S is not in the compatible list. I was not going to use power for charging from my intercom. That is why I bought Doorbell2 instead of the Pro. I thought that Doorbell2 sends electric to existing intercom for just ringing the chime. Instead it is consistently and constantly sending signal power which is causing the chime to keep ringing.