Doorbell2 hardwired charging does not work.

I open a new toppic, because (to my utter amazement) Ring has marked the previous topic as “solved” while it clearly is not.

I experience the same “hardwired not charging” problem. And more.

I speciffically choose the DoorBell2 because, when hardwired, it will sound my existing door-gong. So even if WiFi is not working I still know somebody is at my door.

For me this is very important, because due to personal cicrcumstances, for me it is vital that I do not miss visitors.

I use the Doorbell2 hardwired and with my original door-gong.

Beginning this month I started to notice that my original gong did not work any more when I pressed the Doorbell2 button.

So I replaced my original door-gong. The problem seemed to be solved.

30 min later the problem was back. The new gong also did not sound when the DoorBell2 was pressed.

I looked at the device status in the Ring app. It said the Doorbell2 was on battery power.

I unscrewed the DoorBell2 from the door. It received about 12v AC on its terminals.

I tried again; the gong still did not work.

I checked again: The device status still said “battery power”.

I measured again: still 12v AC on the Doorbell2 wire terminals

I checked the rest of the wiring and I now know for a fact that the problem is in my Ring Doorbell2.

So an extra symptom of the “battery not charging problem” is that the existing gong also does not work any more.

From the problem descriptions in all the posts above the suggestion is that the problem was introduced in a recent firmware upgrade. With quality software this should not happen: test, test, test, test… But mistakes can be made.

But it is also very clear that Ring is not committed at all to solving this problem.

It seems they just don’t care. The reactions of the Ring message Board Moderator indicate that he/she does not understand what is going on. Most of the issues are attributed to extreme cold or heat. But when hardwired the battery is actually not used…

Ring’s non commitment to fixing an expensive product is just plain wrong and should not happen, AT ALL.

I am going to send the Doorbell2 back to the supplier.

I will never use Ring devices again.

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Same exact symptoms and issues.
Had this in one location and Ring sent me a replacement door bell and the issue has never occured since. Now I am having it in another location.