Doorbell works only once - need to turn off notifications on the app

I have a ring doorbell. I have an issue where the doorbell will ring once. But the doorbell won’t ring a second time unless I turn off the notification on the app. Is this a setting issue?

Sometimes I want to hear the doorbell more than once if I don’t hear it a first time. I’ve gotten into issues where I don’t hear the doorbell because I’m in the other room, and the person outside can’t rind the doorbell more than once.

Hi there, @xpchien! When your Video Doorbell button is pressed, your chime kit will only trigger the one time for the event. When this event is initiated, notifications are sent out to your Ring app, chime kit, and any Ring Chimes or Alexa devices you might be using. During this time, your Video Doorbell will also begin to view, record, and adjust to capture the intended audio and video, so another button push will not result in another event until this event is completed.

If the sound coming from your Video Doorbell, chime kit, and mobile device notification is not loud enough, we always recommend our Ring Chime for added notifications in the home. They feature a volume setting and many tones that standout when heard! :slight_smile: