Doorbell working but "critically low" battery

I have an original video doorbell. It has been mains powered for a year, but now says it has a critically low battery.

I brought it inside and plugged it in. It has been plugged in for two days now.

It still works, but still says it has a critically low battery. Live mode doesn’t work because of this.

Can I believe what the app is telling me?

It is certainly not offline as the app claims.

Hey @zorro. If the app is reporting the device as offline and you have ensured you have fully charged the battery, you may just need to reconnect the device. When you go into the Device Health section, could you please tap on reconnect to wifi and go through the in-app instructions to reconnect the device? In the event that the device is reporting as online but with a critically low battery, please try removing the device from your account before re-adding the Doorbell back into your Ring app. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile: