Doorbell won't display on Amazon Echo Show

My Echo Show will alert me that someone is at the door but it won’t open the video. When I check the doorbell health it says it’s good.

What can I do to troubleshoot or reset everything?


The Ring Doorbell and Amazon’s Echo Show are a match made in heaven. The Ring Doorbell offers a smart doorbell experience that’ll let you know exactly who’s at the door without actually having to answer it.

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Hey, @Mike20878! It sounds like you are using the Alexa Announcements, which for a Doorbell press will show you a video after 15 seconds, for compatible Echo devices.

Check out our Help Center article below for steps on viewing live video, recordings, and more with Alexa. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I already have it set up, it just isn’t working. Today the doorbell rang and it started to show video from earlier in the morning, said connecting to Ring, then disconnected.

Sorry to hear about that, it should be working as intended with the steps you’ve followed. Check out this Amazon Echo troubleshooting page i found, which may help out. This sounds like possible connection or wifi signal interference, in which it is recommended to place your Echo devices away from any sources that cause interference (such as microwaves, baby monitors, or other electronic devices), and ensure that your Echo device is within 30 feet (10 m) of your router.