Doorbell won’t charge when hard wired

I removed the doorbell and installed the Ring Doorbell but it won’t stay charged I had to remove it and connect it with USB cord to charge.
Isn’t it supposed to charge when hard wired?

which version of the ring doorbell do you have and what did you do to ‘hard wire’ it - was your previous doorbell low voltage DC - did you install a 20V AC transformer

Yes , replaced the low voltage door bell with this basic Ring Video Doorbell. Attaching the two wires from the doorbell transformer.

I’m having this same issue. Just curious if you were able to resolve it and how you did resolve it.

Yes it is. Ring knows about this issue and they won’t do anything about it. This started happening late 2019, and all Doorbell 2 owners will be impacted.

Well that stinks. I’m not about to buy Rings for my other doors if I have to remove them to recharge.

It would be nice to get input from a Ring representative.

Hey @Stevndar! When wiring up your Video Doorbell to existing wires, you will want to check the following to ensure for proper voltage:

  • Transformer rating is 8 - 24VAC
  • The wiring is standard gauge wires and not too thin (ex: spliced cat5)
  • The wires are connected securely to the Video Doorbell and a diode is installed if connected to a digital chime kit. If chime kit is mechanical, do not use a diode.

The above should lead to a charging of your battery, depending on usage and battery temperature. Check out our Community post about battery draining for more tips on extending battery life. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth my Ring doorbell has just started charging again… I last looked at it 2 days ago & it was at 64%; tonight it’s reading 93%. For months now it’s been losing 1% per day or so so I was amazed to see the battery level has gone up so.

Can’t tell if there has been a firmware update but I’ve not changed anything this end, so Ring must have done something. (At Last)


My 1st gen Ring doorbell just stopped charging as well. Hard-wired, and worked for two+ years but now won’t charge.

What can be done?


Hey @Amwiner, happy to chime in here. If Marley’s recommendations weren’t helpful, you’ll want to reach out to our support team. They’ll be able to take a closer look at your device and run through more advanced troubleshooting steps to ensure everything is working properly. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers availablehere. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

Not sure how the charging should work at all. In a normal (analog, wired) setup there is no 8/12/14V appears at the point of the old doorbell connection point as it breaks either the + or - wire. 8V (in my case) only appears at the Ring when you close the circuit by pushing the button.

The only way I could get 8V at the wires where I should hang the Ring Video Doorbell if I make a short at the ring, as such disabling it. But in this case I could not use it, right?

So at this moment what I can measure on the point where Video Doorbell should be hanged is 0V, which is not enough for charging :neutral_face:

I have the same problem that my first generation Ring doorbell is no longer charging. Did you ever receive a solution to the problem. It has an internal battery and wonder if it can be manually changed with a new battery?

Problem corrected. Many thanks to all.

It works fine now but another problem cameup. I can hear but they can’t hear when I talk. UGH!

Do I need a resistor in line to make the device charge? I have an 18V 500mA AC - AC Transformer and nothing happening when wired to the device and plugged in, I understood the resistor wasn’t needed but Ring say it is and wnat to sell me one for £8

It seems that my 8V 1A (thus 8VA) transformer can charge the device (Vidoe Doorbell 3), as from the 90% yesterday evening now it is on 95% in the morning.

@Marley_Ring Community Manager We just got a Ring 3 and hardwired it and on app it shows hardwired. Our transformer is new 24Vac 20 volts. Our old ring doorbell would charge on new transformer when wired but not this one. Motion and live view are OFF as we have Lorex cams outside this doorbell is to notify someone in the house with hearing aids. We turned off everything we can. Our signal strength is Rssi -35 to -40 doorbell got rang 3x setting up app for hearing aids that was 3 days ago and battery level has not gone up at all just stays at 98%. And yes battery was charged to 100% before install. But ringing bell 3 days ago to set up hearing aids to ring dropped it to 98% and it has not gone up in 3 days??? This ring 3 is NOT charging in 3 days but shows charging on phone app. ps … I also removed everything and reinstalled the app and added ring3 again and it still sits at 98% charge and not charging. So do we have a bad ring 3 or bad battery?

Hi @Mojo2! With your battery remaining at 98% for 3 days and not dropping, it is likely receiving power for a trickle charge. The power supply you are using is certainly providing enough power. Keep in mind, adding more power does not equal a quicker charge as the rate of power pulled is still for a trickle charge.

The signal described looks great and number of events triggered on the device is minimal, which is a great way to maximize charge. The device is still in operation, maintaining network connection, and will usually update settings after a setup or feature change. This can all use battery power, and so if it is remaining at a level, that is a great indicator that some power is being applied.

The best results and recommend method of monitoring battery charge, is to monitor over several days and various battery levels. If you battery remains in the 90% area for awhile, this could be a good indicator that your Doorbell is receiving the necessary power to charge. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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From my homework on the ring site the last few days it says the ring 3 doorbell does not start to charge until battery level is below 90%. So I turned everything on the doorbell yesterday got it to 88% battery level and it started to charge. The doorbell got rung when it was @ 93% charge now its no longer charging which seems silly.