Doorbell wired remains permanently in night mode


I have a Ring Doorbell Wired for 5 months. So far it has always worked reliably. However, since a few days it is constantly in night mode. Even when it is daylight, it no longer switches to day mode. Constantly shine also the 2 LEDs on the front.
Several restarts have brought nothing. Does anyone have any idea what this could be due to or what could be tested?

Thanks a lot

Hi @world-e. We’ve addressed this concern with black and white video on the Doorbell Wired here. I’d recommend keeping an eye on for updates on this concern as our team works to get it resolved as quickly as possible. You may need to scroll down on the status page to see the details on this since it is listed in chronological order.

strangely enough, it works again now, without knowing why. It has repaired itself after a few days

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@world-e I’m happy to hear you’re no longer experiencing this concern! :slight_smile: