Doorbell Wired Not Working (2021) Blinking White Light

I currently have two Ring doorbells. A Ring Pro and a 1st Generation Ring Video Doorbell. Both worked - no issues but I decided I would upgrade the 1st Generation with a 2021 Ring Wired.

Saw a refurb on Amazon and thought I would give it a shot. Hooked it up and the doorbell button blinked white. Which means it had a power supply issue. It was odd because my current transformer is spec’d to run video doorbells and was running my original doorbells - no problem.

I checked my voltage, mhz and amps at the transformer and at the connection point and both readings were identical and with the correct spec’s ie 17v, 60mhz etc etc

So I call Ring tech support. Did the “held the orange button for 60 seconds” thing. No change. Blue to blinkng white light. After much conversation, tech support was convinced it was my transformer and sent me a new one.

While waiting for the new transformer to arrive I decided to order a NEW ring wired from Amazon. Thought it might be possible that the refurbished had an issue.

New ring wired arrived. I hooked up the new Ring doorbell and again a blinking white light?

New transformer arrived. Same exact model as what I using. Same manufacture. Same specs. The only difference is that there is a ring logo stamped on the new transformer. I hook up the new transformer and get the same voltage etc readings as I did with the old transformer. Try both Ring Doorbell Wired (one refurb and the other brand new) and there is NO CHANGE!

Call ring tech support and they advise me to return the two Ring Doorbell Wired 2021’s to Amazon and re-order directly from Ring.

I return the two, order from Ring. New Ring Doorbell Wired arrived. I haven’t hooked it up yet. Package has 2021 copyright on the bottom

I have no clue what is going on. BOTH of my original video doorbells (Pro and Gen 1) work without issue. Hardwired 2021 forget it.

Any ideas? Going to install the latest Doorbell Hardwired tomorrow and guessing I will see a blinking white light.

Thank you in advance RR

Hi @ranger-rick. Did you begin the in-app setup process for the Video Doorbell Wired? A white flashing light on the Video Doorbell Wired typically indicates a firmware update, which may take up to 10-15 minutes. If you’re not talking about the Video Doorbell Wired, then please let me know the model name on your Doorbell, as the light patterns will vary between models.

I have same issue my ring hardwired only operates power given to device that’s it i return my ring hardwired back I buy ring doorbell pro I dişi setup after work very good no problem

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