Doorbell (wired Gen 2 - 2020) features and night vision change caused diminished functionality

I have a Gen2 - 2020 doorbell (wired for power and mechanical doorbell ring) purchased months ago when my original Ring doorbell stopped working after it blewup after one too many firmware updates.
My new Gen2 was working great - better optics with a wider view field… app worked the same as my 5 other Ring cameras until last week and a firmware upgrade.

  1. I lost my color night vision and recordings. Previous to the update everything at night was in color. I do have a brightly light porch where the doorbell is located.
  2. In the ring app (android phoiine) now when I go into the doorbell it goes right into live view. I have to exit live view to see the recordings slide scale and view recordings.


Why did you - Ring - break something that was working great for me? What was the purpose of this firmware upgrade last week? What was broken and needed fixing. You now have a unhappy customer. I have also spent about 3 hours trying to “fix it” based on what the first tech support agent I spoke with told me to do. The second Ring tech support person I spoke with today told me it is the way it is now and nothing can be done.

This is bad customer service and I don’t understand why it happened and I want my 3 hours back and would love to have my Ring doorbell back to working the way it was working before this firmware “improvement”.